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As the years pass and our awards ceremony continues to expand, all past award recipients remain both in our hearts and in our archives. Browse this section to find out more about our previous events and winners. For additional information about those who have been honored in the past, simply get in touch.

Pink Gradient

2021 Awardees

Pictured, top left to bottom right:

Inspiration Awards
Dr. Lucie Lewis, Bay Path University, Springfield College
Yvette Frisby, Bay Path University
Dr. Destinee Chambers, American International College

Alumne Award
Huguette Williams, Westfield State University, Asnuntuck Community College, Springfield Technical Community College

Special Legacy Award
Dean Denton Thompson, Original Freedom Rider

Dr. Lucie Lewis.jpg
Yvette - headshot.webp
Dr. Destinee Chambers.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 6.52.46 PM.png
jean denton thompson.jpg

2021 Award

2020 Award

2018 Award

2017 Award

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