2020 AAFPAA Awardees

Dr. Carlie Tartkov 

Carlie C Tartakov, Ph.D.
Emerita Professor

Iowa State University

Legacy Award/For your unwavering commitment to Social Justice and Education


Dr. Demetria Shabazz

Dr. Demetria Shabazz

W.E.B. Du Bois

Department of Afro-American Studies

UMASS Amherst


Alumnae Award/For your videography/communication work/sharing African American Stories.

Alumnae Award

Dr. Stephanie Logan 

Dr. Stephanie R. Logan

Associate Professor of Education,

Chair of The Department of Education

Springfield College


Inspiration Award/For your work on closing Opportunity Gaps in Education

Inspiration Award

Alumnae Qualification

The African American Female Professor Awards Association Alumnae, recognizes African American females college professors for their outstanding achievements, and looks bestow esteem on those professors whose accomplishments have brought honor to self and to the College; whose service and leadership have exemplified inclusive ideals, and whose concern for equity among the minority student population is consistently demonstrated. The Alumnae recipient enhances, supports, and strengthened academic programs, by exploring and analyzing the demands of creating a multicultural educational environment.

Alumnae Award

In memory of Assistant Professor  Keiasha Goods

In memory of Assistant Professor Kieasha Goods,

Director of the Mathematics Department Goodwin University

Inspiration Award/For your leadership in always putting students learning first.

Inspiration Award

Dr. Cassandra Extavour

Dr. Cassandra G. Extavour.

Professor of Organismic and

Evolutionary Biology and of Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Harvard University


Inspiration Award/For your work as an educator and mentor in the field of Biology

Inspiration Award