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About Us

The African American Female Professor Award Association celebrates and honors African American female professors annually. We are passionate and committed to inclusion, equity, and change. We appreciate the value of postsecondary education as we work with college leadership, deans, and provost to ensure the college experience is fair for both students and faculty. The African American Female Professor Awards Association believes that creating a multicultural faculty will build a healthy, stable, and all-encompassing learning atmosphere.


The mission of the African American Female Professor Award is to identify and honor African American female professors, past and present, and thereby embolden African American female educators to pursue advanced studies and become college professors.  With ever-increasing numbers of African American female professors on campuses across the country, this will ultimately change the landscape of higher education. Through the combination of diversity and cultural mindfulness brought by their leadership in the classroom, students of color will succeed and thrive in ever-higher numbers.

Our Board

Darren James

Vice President

Financial Advisor

Northwestern Mutual

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Linda Belton


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Tanisha Arena

Board Member

Executive Director

Arise for Social Justice

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Dr. Salome Brooks

Board Member

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Springfield College

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Kathleen M. Kane

Board Member

Wealth Management Advisor

Northwestern Mutual

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Patricia Bernard

Vice President of Finance & Administration 

Martin Luther King Jr, Family Services


    Traci Talbert


    As an African American woman who graduated from The School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Springfield College with her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, and BA at American International College in 2015, Traci has been inspired to pay tribute to African-American female faculty who teach at the college level. She has spent the last five years facilitating presentations on diversity and cultural awareness in various organizations, incorporating customer service skills as a strategic initiative to develop a team and grow a business. Traci is an adjunct at Cambridge College and Bay Path University. She teaches Business Management, Project Management, Diversity in the Workplace Business Ethics, Leadership Models, and The Capstone Research Project. She served as the Site Coordinator for the Clemente Program, which offers free college credits to interested individuals.


    Traci has utilized her degree to demonstrate her appreciation for cultural awareness, customer service excellence, and leadership skills, as well as to establish "The African American Female Professor Award Association." The goal of the organization is to honor and recognize an underrepresented group of women in higher education, which is African American females. Bringing people together one difference at a time, is a key to successful families, communities, education, and business growth.

    African American women educators bring a diverse and distinct component to the arena of education, particularly at the college level. Many of them work full-time, have families and may be working on furthering personal learning, while committed to elevating the knowledge of others by assisting students as they obtain a college education.


    According to the National Center for Education Statistics, “In Fall 2016, of the 1.5 million faculty in degree-granting post-secondary institutions, 53 percent were full time and 47 percent were part time. Of all full-time faculty in degree-granting post-secondary institutions in fall 2016, … 3 percent each were Black males, Black females…1. The racial and ethnic and sex distribution of faculty varied by academic rank. For example, among full-time professors, …Black males, Black females, and Hispanic males each accounted for 2 percent of full-time professors.” Further, they continue, “…In comparison, among full-time assistant professors…4 percent were Black females.”


     AAFPAA's commitment to diversity and impartiality allows us to distinguish those unique qualities in African American female faculty. We look for their dedication to student learning and mindfulness, of those distinctions of a student population. We search out those African American female professors who exhibit characteristics and traits that include:

    • Academic Vigor/Commitment to Higher Education

    • Advancement of African American Scholars and Students

    • Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Development

    • Academic Research and Applying Practice in a Chosen Discipline/Major

    • Community Engagement and Commitment to Multicultural Diversity/Equity

    • Support to Faculty, Students, and Campus Activities

    The African American Female Professor Award Association looks forward to your continued support.


    The University of Rhode Island (URI) is searching for an assistant professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a tenure home in our Criminology and Criminal Justice department to start in the fall 2023.  I am writing to you in hopes you will share the attached job description with your colleagues and network who are seeking an academic position (see also

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